Crystalhills Software Group is poised to be a world class dynamic IT solutions providing company in Nigeria.  We specialize in developing customized software applications tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

Crystalhills provides quality Biometrics, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Traffic Safety Systems. We are known for our ability to integrate personnel and technology that are customized to address your security needs. When it comes to security, we believe that each situation is unique. We use our extensive international experience to offer individual solutions based upon analysis of the specific situation. It is the only way we provide our clients with the best possible solution.

With Biometrics, recognition and identification of individuals is done through measureable physiological properties that are unique to every human being. Examples of these characteristics include fingerprints, face recognition, palm prints, hand geometry and iris recognition. We have provided biometric devices for access control and attendance management and deployed them to schools and organizations Nationwide.

    We also specialize in providing complete internet solutions to small and medium-sized business. Our solutions include professional and creative Optimized web sites that are created using the latest technology to minimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) costs and to provide businesses with faster update implementation. We provide on-line brochures, e-commerce capabilities, add-ons and modules.  Crystal Hills solutions can help your business expand into new markets, increasing marketing material, reduce expenses and improve customer relations. Our solutions simplify administrative tasks and reduce operational costs by cutting time-consuming informational calls and providing your business with a reliable and single point of contact for all your web needs. We like to build relationships with our clients in order to help us fully understand what their exact needs are to enable us use our first-hand knowledge to match our discerning clientele with the most suitable resolution. Nothing is too much trouble – just ask.

At CrystalHills, it is our belief that the technology utilized at work should be as good, maybe even better and more desirable to use as the technology we use in our personal lives, because the advancement of technology is ushering in new and improved ways to do business.

Innovation and adaptability are age old business concepts that are necessary for the longevity of any brand. In the internet-oriented world market of today adapting requires the use of technology to be able to hold the world, almost literally, at your fingertips with access to readily available information at times.

We are confident that by crowd-sourcing answers, applying transparency and open dialogue, we can provide everyone with simple and powerful user experiences that significantly ease stress and boost productivity, all while providing communication so issues are met head-on.

For us, getting qualitative business results means assembling a team of experts that forms and reorganizes itself repeatedly, based on the knowledge, capability and intellectual capital required.

Our principles involve engaging customers instead of managing them and that is the way to create competitive advantage. Companies can turn their customers into their biggest fans and best salespeople by being authentic and solving customers’ challenges instead of simply making sales.

Understanding that the best marketing strategy is customer satisfaction is a core value of our organization making the absolute satisfaction of each client a priority. Community and collaboration are at the heart of the global market. Only when co-workers, managers, customers and suppliers come together can we build the great companies, markets, and industries of the future.


An ever increasing amount of businesses continues to join the global shift to an online market and as an enterprise, we work as a team to unleash the creativity, innovation and motivation necessary to help our customers transition smoothly to and thrive in the online world.

Our aim is to become the first enterprise software company that end users love and appreciate, because if our products serve them, our users will be happy and if they’re happy and productive, we’re even happier and motivated to do more.

We believe it, and our customers are proving it every day.

The human factor is a fundamental aspect of our business. According to the unwritten IT laws, the team cannot produce a product which exceeds the team in terms of quality. Our team is a group of like-minded professionals which is the capital asset of Crystalhills Solutions. Here are a few facts which characterize our team.

Our team consists of experienced workers who are employed on a full-time basis with regular specialized support from experts of various fields. All employees work together to meet clients’ needs.

The average age of employees is 25 and the average experience in IT is 6 years. Many of them started working with us, being University graduates or senior students.

Our employees are certified specialists or masters in the field of IT, applied mathematics, mathematical physics and other IT related fields.

Some of our colleagues work as teachers at Universities or conduct scientific researches. It helps us to maintain the academic level of qualification of our staff without distracting from the main project activity.

Thanks to the fundamental character of education each member of our team is not just a coder, but a highly educated professional who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all the key fields of the software development life cycle process.

All employees are encouraged to further develop  and acquire  new skills especially as they pertain to assisting clients to provide them with a fuller experience with their products.

The Method

Our HR policy focuses on training young talented persons and having them grow within the organization rather than hiring mature skilled experts out of the street. Besides keeping employee turnover at the lowest level this strategy helps us to build strong professional project teams where everybody shares the company’s values.

The company constantly keeps in touch with the city’s universities, thus selecting and training new employees, as well as providing advanced staff training. Instructions are delivered on a regular basis in the form of courses and seminars on various aspects of software development. On-going learning process within the technical teams is based on dedicated subject where our experts are assigned to each department. Following the edge of technology domain they deliver materials, manage skill-up process, create qualification tests, assess and teach perspective candidates. These activities assure high proficiency level of our teams.

How It Works

The Development Team is divided into functional groups depending on employees’ experience and skills. Role assignments are made according to the capabilities of each team member to assure maximum levels of output from the team.

  • Management (project and group leaders);
  • Analysis and Design (system analysts and system architects);
  • Engineering (developers, database administrators);
  • Quality Assurance and Control (reviewers, testers, test designers);
  • Design and Usability (art designers, interface designers);
  • Infrastructure Support (system administrators who maintain network, source control system, defect tracking system, work-space and build environment);
  • Technical Writers and Translators.

Project teams are formed on components & roles basis, i.e. experts that belong to various function teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if the work scope of the component to be developed is relatively small. This principle of project teams organization provides for the best development speed while reducing the number of bugs to a minimum thanks to close cooperation of experts in different fields, keeping the number of proverbial cooks to a minimum so as not to spoil the broth!

The  bedrock of our successful projects is our goal driven team members who have pulled together individual  resources, talent and insight dedicated to deliver projects within scheduled times. Project success rests on collaborative effort, where each individual leverages their talents through joint efforts.

We provide support for the  different  product variations we offer. In addition to this, our technical teams are readily available to answer any question on the products and services we offer. Combining efficiency in service delivery and consumer satisfaction we are able to pride ourselves as one of the best software developers in West Africa.

Our support contracts are available as prepaid and postpaid month to month or annual agreements. Our friendly customer support representatives are always ready to help you with your problems. Our technical support staff has the expertise to answer your questions on installation and operation of our software. Regular phone support is available.


Phone: 234-8077-4123-43 | support@crystalhills.org

Crystal Software Group CSG gives end-to-end solutions for planning, developing, implementing and supporting your business strategy. We leverage the power of software programming coupled with high security, ease of access, low infrastructure requirements, short development cycle, scalability and high adaptability.


We provide high tech support services for your business and our products are of global standard to meet your needs. Our Project develop teams ensure a a high scale of service delivery.




We provide an environment where creativity is developed based on talent and hard work.Innovation and resources are pooled together to generate an efficient solution to your business needs. Working for us is exciting, Why not come and join us today.

Send your CV’s to career@crystalhills.org.


We use our extensive, international experience to offer personalised solutions based upon analysis of the specific situation.


We have biometric devices for access control and for attendance which have been deployed in various schools and organizations.


We are known for the ability to integrate technology into existing systems to create efficient security measures.


We also specialize in providing complete internet solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across the globe.



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