Access Control systems are about more than monitoring doors; they are an integral part of any security system in Nigeria and internationally. It gives users a convenient platform to manage access to their facilities. Our Access Control systems  provide users with complete control over who can enter anywhere.



A reader is a device that automates the functions of an access control point.  The F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The F18 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm available and high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor.

All the operation can be done on the LCD screen. The fingerprint image will be displayed on the screen, which will guide the user to properly position the finger for increased recognition rates. This device can only control entry into the enclosed area by the use of fingerprint or RFID card


The RFID Reader Module can be used in a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotics, navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization. There are a variety of transponder tags that come in different packages.

Key Features:

  • Low-cost method for reading passive RFID EM4100 family transponder tags
  • 2400 baud serial interface
  • Enable input allows module to be enabled/disabled by software
  • Bi-color LED for visual indication of status


An electromagnetic lock is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. There are two main types of electric locking devices. Locking devices can be either “fail safe” or “fail secure”. A fail-secure locking device remains locked when power is lost. Fail-safe locking devices are unlocked when de-energized. Direct pull electromagnetic locks are inherently fail-safe. Typically the electromagnet portion of the lock is attached to the door frame and a mating armature plate is attached to the door. The two components are in contact when the door is closed. When the electromagnet is energized, a current passing through the electromagnet creates a magnetic flux that causes the armature plate to attract to the electromagnet, creating a locking action.


The power box acts like the power house for the access control system, the power box contains a 12v supply pack that receives AC current and converts it to DC. This power box supplies current into the mag lock device and houses the backup battery. A backup battery provides power to the system when the primary source of power is unavailable. Backup batteries range from small single cells to retain clock time and date in computers, up to large battery room facilities that power uninterruptible power supply systems for large data centers. Small backup batteries may be primary cells; rechargeable backup batteries are kept charged by the prime power supply.


The exit button is fixed in the restricted area of an access door, it is used by persons who have already gained access into the restricted area and are willing to leave this restricted area. the exit button is shaped like a light switch which makes it highly fashionable, and also easy to press. This device also works with the mag lock, when it is pressed the electromagnet reacts, thus opening the door for the person to exit the building. Exiting a door without having to electrically unlock the door is called mechanical free egress.

This is an important safety feature. In cases where the lock must be electrically unlocked on exit, the request-to-exit device also unlocks the door. Request-to-exit devices can be a push button or a motion detector. When the button is pushed or the motion detector detects motion at the door, the door alarm is temporarily ignored while the door is opened.


The device is a no touch/touch free sensor with optical or infrared  technology. It performs all the same functions as a regular exit button it just works with motion instead of touch which is really efficient for health conscious areas since it keeps users from contacting and spreading infectious diseases. The device has up to 10 cm sensitivity rate i.e. your hand can be at most 10cm away from the device for the sensor to work. It also looks stylish and lends a tech-savvy feel to the environment.



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