The receipt printer is a very important part of sales, it makes work easier and cuts out the hassle of hand written receipts. It can be used to print credit/debit card slip and customer receipt and can be connected to a computer and a POS machine simultaneously.
The receipt printer can be used in a supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant,hospital and anywhere payment is made.
At Crystalhills Group we deal in the sale, installation and support of the thermal printers and are a major distributor of the Xprinter machines in Nigeria.


This printer is an 80mm series printer with a serial USB and LAN port and an auto-cutter. This model of printer is popular for it’s a simple loading system, a high speed rate of printing because of its direct thermal function and the ability to download logo on receipt.
The system is POS compatible and works with windows and Linux systems. The model can be connected to a cash drawer,and a bar code scanner.


● Easy load design

● High speed printing graphic and text

● Support international languages.

● Support Linux, Windows systems and OPOS

● ESC/POS compatible

● Support 256K NV logo download and print


These printers are 58mm printers with a USB port, they are highly effective with a direct thermal option that allows for high speed printing.
These devices works with different types of commercial software and has a very low rate of repairs. These devices support the windows 7, windows 8 and the Linux driver with the ability to download logo.


●  High speed, long life, high quality low repair rate, compatible with variety of commercial software

●  Avoid order missing, protect user’s benefit

●  Support Chinese GB2312

●  Support simplified Chinese and variety of international languages

●  Support Windows 7、Windows 8、Linux OS driver

●  Support NV logo logo download and trade mark printing



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