The Point Of Sale POS software  is a retail software that was designed in Nigeria, it helps its user generate,analyze and interpret daily sales. The software can be integrated with a bar code scanner, a POS printer, and it also supports Gift cards.

CrystalPOS software is popular for its flexibility since it works with any web browser and works on various platforms from the mobile phone to the tablet. The software can run locally or on a server with many clients, which means that it allows for log-in even without being connected to the internet.

CrystalPOS Software has various features which are;

  • CrystalPOS software allows for Customer management which enables the tracking of each customer’s details and their purchases.
  • The POS software  has an Inventory tracking function which helps to manage stocks, so as to keep track of expiring products, out of stock products and so on.
  • The software comes with a Supplier/vendor tracking function that helps to create a relationship between the supplier and the store owner, it helps with the identification of the supplier of each product.
  • The software comes with an easy to use sales register that allows for Employee log-in for each staff.
  • The POS software can be used in a fashion store, sports store, coffee shop, health/beauty store (pharmacy), food and drinks store and supermarket.

The software is also popular for its various and accurate reporting system, some of the various report are;

  1. Report for the products that are about to go out of stock.
  2. Report for product that are about to expire.
  3. Report can also be generated for daily sales of the business.


Pay roll is the total amount of wages and salaries paid by a company to its employees. The payroll indicates the amount of employees in a company and the amount payable to them. The payroll management solution is the software used in organizations to reduce the stress of manually putting together a payroll,by turning the manual payroll into a smart payroll.

Easy payroll
The payroll management software by Crystalhills Softwares called ‘Easy Payroll’ is a user friendly software that allows the user to do deductions and taxes, it also allows for the addition of accruals in terms of benefits.
Easy payroll can be installed off-line or it can be web-based.  The web-based version of the software gives the employees an opportunity to log in with a designated user name and password.
It helps the company calculate the total amount payable to all employees and calculates all deductions like loans, contributions, child school fees and so on, it also helps calculate all the accruals on employee salaries.
The payroll software incorporates the use of the ZKTeco time and attendance machines like the K40, TX628, and the IFace 302 for accurate deductions on lateness for employees.

•    The payroll allows for each employee to get a pay slip of monthly salaries
•    Incorporates ZKTeco time attendance devices for correct deductions
•    It calculates the net pay after deductions and accruals
•    Payments can be uploaded to excel format
•    It keeps record of employee payment history
•    It reduces stress of the paper work