Automated Gate Systems in Nigeria

At Crystalhills, we know a privacy or security gate is more than just locks, hinges and iron bars - it adds value, style, and convenience to your home or business premises. We know you have a vision of what you'd like your gate to look like;  that why we are here to turn your dreams into reality. One call takes care of all of your gate, fencing, and access control needs.  Crystalhills offer various types of gates that will accommodate the needs of our customers. When our engines visit you as part of our free site survey they will ask you about your requirements for any potential installation. When considering an installation there are a number of choices to be made; one of these is which kind of gate to choose. There are two main kinds of automatic gate, swing gates and sliding gates:

General Details

Our automated gate system can be used to control your gate automatically with the used of a remote control and control access in a much more smarter manner. The automated gate machine add beauty, security, and value to your home, business, government, or housing community.

With a customized design that reflects your style and an easy to use access system, it creates a welcoming first impression. You’ll work with courteous, experienced gate specialists who make it easy to design, install, and maintain, a dependable entry gate you are thrilled with.

if you have a vision of what you’d like your gate to look like,  Crystalhills security is here to make your vision a reality.  Our in-house gate designers, fabricators, and installers turn your vision into the work of art you imagined. One call takes care of all of your gate, fencing, and access control needs. Plus, everyone who works on your gate, from your estimator to your installer, is a trained, experienced employee who adheres to our high quality standards and satisfaction guarantee.

We gladly work with your designers, architects, contractors and project engineers to ensure the end result is exactly what you want.

Swing Gate Motor

The Swing Gate motors are designed for heavy-duty use, this gate opener is made with 24V DC motor that able to open and shut a gate up to 4metres wide and above, it carries upto 200okg weight. It also comes with several safety inclined functionality, including Manual release keys, for manual operation in case of power outage. There’s an immediate stop and reverse mode for obstruction. Made with waterproof and dustproof control box, ensuring a its lasts for a very long time. This devices comes with a remote controls which makes it controllable over a range of 30m.



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