Fixed GSM Wireless Terminal

  1. General Details

    The GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal is compatible with most PABX machines/Extension Phones and works with GSM Sim Cards. It supports incoming and outgoing GSM/CDMA calls over PABX Connection. It is a product that has been designed as a low budget solution for companies that cannot afford the EI Connection. The terminal comes with an external antenna to help boost signal, displays real time network signal while in use and can work for a longer period.

    This amazing desktop phone is good for both office and home use. Add class, prestige, and style to your office desk with this GSM Fixed Wireless phone. Switch it off, or forward to voicemail after office hours. At home, let it serve as your official home phone that everybody at home have access to.

  2. Technical Info
    Compatible with GSM 850/1900 AND 900/1800 Mhz network around the world
    Saving money from making calls via GSM network.
    Reducing cost by choosing the cheapest mobile service providers and cheapest service plans with changing sim card only.
    No more wiring connection.
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    We are known for our rapid response to enquirers and support. Furthermore, our ability to integrate personnel and technology that are customized to address your security

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