Controlled Access Turnstiles in Nigeria

Crystalhills, been one of Nigeria's leading provider of turnstile, Designed by professional engineers, Made In Nigeria & trusted worldwide. This are forms of gates which allows only one person to pass through an  entrance at a time. 10 Year Guarantee and Quality Policies in place.

General Details

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The Full height and waist length turnstile in addition,  restrict passage only to people with  cards and  Fingerprint access control devices   and other authorization mediums. Thus a turnstile can be used for paid access,  for example to access packing lot lounge, a  paid toilet,  VIP section or the lobby of an office building.

However, you turnstiles does not need to be damaged completely before our service is required as we maintain turnstile and repair turnstiles when necessary. We install any where in Nigeria.

Full Hieght Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles  are used  when you need to protect the the entire entrance into the facility,  full height turnstile is the ideal solution.  In areas like this,  you need to control access through a specific entrance or exit our turnstiles can be linked to any access control system, token system, coin fee paid entry system or any other external operating device.


Our Full height Turnstiles are Constructed from galvanized mild steel or stainless steel and are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for long lasting and durable performance, they can be installed internally or externally and are extremely easy to use and operate.

Its used for

Managing the flow of visitors in outside areas of any kind of perimeter. However our range also includes a number of options that are suitable for inside use and complement the surrounding building.

APPLICABLE INDUSTRIES: – Airports – Factories – Gyms – Mining – Offices  – Railway – Stadiums –  Warehouses  – Universities

Waist Height

The  waist high turnstile units are high traffic volume devices made in 304 stainless steel materials. They’re are in used worldwide at pro stadiums and arenas, health clubs, universities and hospitals, school entrance and are ideal for situations where you want reliable performance and the beauty and durability of stainless steel.  The turnstile can be


The waist turnstiles are available, and feature a base plate, wheels for easy movement and a curved bar for lane creation. Customers frequently use these with our battery operated counters for a flexible traffic flow solution. We also have some of them structured for handicaps. 

Barrier Optical

Barrier Optical turnstile  are used for projects requiring cutting-edge optical technology along with a physical barrier, we offer two unique approaches for pedestrian access control. Our barrier optical turnstile models feature either a clear flap-gate or retractable panel. Combining modern optical technology with sleek, quiet moving barriers, these units complement any lobby or passage area where both aesthetics and security are paramount. Select a solid surface top to match any interior décor, and we can add your company or organization’s logo to the barriers themselves for a truly sharp look.



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