Biometric attendance system in Nigeria

Biometic attendance devices and prices
Biometric attendance solutions in Nigeria are great for human identifications. It allows the clock-in and clock -out of staffs making it easy for work pay based on work time.

Below are devices that proven its simplicity and affordability over time as it calculates work hours, lateness, absenteeism  and perform basic payroll functions. The CHseries which can be integrated into most ERP and payroll applications which includes the below listed and many others.

ZkTeco Iface 402 Biometric Attendance Machine- CH103B

It is  an highly commercial  luxurious Facial recognition reader with finger print sensor for Time & Attendance applications, RFID card access, access control terminal,  precision and excellent matching speed.  External back-up lasts for about 10 – 19 hours.

ZkTeco Uf100 Biometric Attendance Machine – CH103C

A Facial recognition reader with finger print sensor for Time & Attendance applications.  It also used RFID card. Its most suitable for small and medium sized organisation.  it can use and external back-up that lasts for about 7-9 hours.

PT600 Biometric Attendance Machine – CH102B

The pt600 biometric device allows for companies with branches all over the world to connect. It allows for attendance details of all branches to be downloaded and monitored live at the headquarters and a report showing all employee details and attendance logs.

Iface302 Biometric Attendance Device – CH103A

The iFace302 multi-biometric identification Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal adopts ZKTeco’s latest platform with ZKFace algorithm and large capacity memory. With the upgraded hardware, iface302 biometric device can now store up to 1200 face templates.

Zkteco k40 Biometric Attendance Device – CH102

ZKTeco K40 is standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System with Access Control, IN and OUT status, Built-in Battery , TCP/IP & USB designed especially for the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products.The k40 can store 1000 fingerprint templates and 80000 transaction records. High speed and reliable fingerprint matching, zkteco k40 can match 1000 fingerprint templates within 2 seconds.

A5 Biometric Attendance Machine – CH101

The native CHseries device, CH101/A5  attendance recorder is useful and convenient for you to use. You can have your staff check in by means of fingerprint and password on the A5, while up to 600 memories and 60000 transaction records contained. Optional backup battery provides 4-6 hours of power making it best recommended for 50 people.